Ella Rock

A popular hiking destination offering breath-taking views and a glorious sunrise.

Little Adam’s Peak

The hikers hotspot, the perfect trek to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Ella, especially an impressive sunset, all this in the shortest possible time.

Nine Arch Bridge

It’s a spectacular feat of engineering built entirely from rocks, brick and cement sans any metal.

Demodara Railway Station

Famed for its spiral rail line known as the ‘Demodara loop’, which passes under it, going around a loop and emerging from a tunnel.

Ravana Ella (Waterfall)

Named after the legendry King Ravana of Ramayana fame, it’s one of the widest waterfalls in the country.

Ravana Ella Cave

This cave named after the legendry King Ravana of Ramayana fame is believed to be where Princess Sita was hidden and is connected by a tunnel to the Ravana falls.

Dhowa Rock Temple

This temple dating back to over 2000 years is famed for its large unfinished Buddha image carved in the rock face and its interesting paintings.

Bogoda Wooden Bridge

Known as the oldest surviving wooden bridge (over 400 years old) in Sri Lanka. It is made completely of wood planks including wooden nails all believed to be from one Jak tree.

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Adhisham Bungalow

Built in 1931 by an English aristocrat it is presently a monastery run by Benedictine nuns.


An ancient Buddhist Temple that dates back to the 10th century. Its famed for its 51 foot Buddha statue and seven figures all carved on a rock face.


Diyaluma Falls

The third highest (220m) waterfall in Sri Lanka. It has a tiered setting and natural pools, which is indeed a spectacular sight.

Lipton’s Seat

Known for its stunning view and glorious sunrise, Lipton Seat was named after the famous tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton who used this very place to assess his territory.

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